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On-Site Support

Although most tasks nowadays can be addressed via remote access, sometimes on-site support is still required.  Weather its setting up a new computer or printer, certain services are best handled in person.

Remote Support

With remote support we can “be there” much faster than if we drive on site. This type of support is great for daily issues, and regular health checkups. Printers not printing, web pages not loading, error messages popping up: Open a support ticket via our contact page and download TeamViewer (link below), let us know what the USER ID number is and temp password and we can log in and look at it with you. All sessions are interactive. Often times we will phone you when we are ready to start work and may need your assistance to reproduce the issue you are having or if need be log back on after a reboot.

With TeamViewer remote access we can: Access, control, and troubleshoot remote desktops, servers, and mobile devices, no matter the operating system or network location.

Download Team Viewer


We are committed to keeping your network safe from the latest threats. We proactively monitor your systems for vulnerabilities, providing comprehensive services to deliver anti-virus and anti-spyware updates, firewall protection with intrusion detection and prevention, and ongoing patch management.

Hosted Exchange

Intela.net provides access to cloud based application such as Hosted Exchange, Shared Documents, and Archiving. Many of our clients have moved on from the premise equipment and costs involved with owning your own exchange server. Having your exchange system hosted on the cloud means you will have redundant data servers replicating your data and the costs involved with maintaining and replacing it over time reduced to a monthly fee for each email address and at a cost savings. Reliable, affordable and simple to maintain.